Hi, I’m Wittysally

I’m a professional sex, relationship and family therapist.
I want to help make your relationship a success.

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My Success Formula


Happiness is the key to success in all walks of life, my therapy sessions focus on helping you find genuine happiness


Witty happiness comes mental health, and the importance of mental health can not be overstated.


When your happiness and mental stability are intact, having a successful relationship becomes easier to achieve

About Wittysally

WittySally is a therapeutic consultation service coined out to address social problems in relationships and marriages, domestic abuse, emotional trauma, depression and suicidal attempts, which is very common in our community today.

As well as offering therapy, i have been consistently posting life inspiring articles every week. The results have been phenomenal and remarkable, which has led to the brand Wittysally being awarded one of the “top 50 relationship blogs on the web”.

My Services

Relationship counsel

I help you find clarity and purpose in your relationship, and set you on a path that leads to a happy union

Marriage counsel

Sometimes marriages need professional help and coaching, let me help your marriage work better.


Abuse cases keep growing in the society and we all need help in overcoming abuse of any kind: Financial abuse, sexual abuse, abused children


Losing a loved one is a hard pill to swallow and sometimes it is difficult to get over, sometimes we need someone to express our pain to


Do you need help in coming out? Or do think it is just a phase and you need to outgrow it? I can help

Religious Conflict

One of the biggest problems facing the society. Do you need a mediator to help you straighten religiously motivated conflicts?

Post-Partum Sex

Sex after delivery will feel different. Learn how to handle it and how to know when your body is ready for it

Teen Parenting

becoming a new parent can be overwhelming for anyone – especially at a young age. If you young and expecting or raising a child, i can help.

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