Decision Making (1)

Written by on August 14, 2017

Women who get played by men aren’t “dumb” or “inexperienced” smart men get played all the time… and not because the guy is bright or smooth…but because his bullsh*t story has enough tangible possibilities for it to be believable. However, these “guy players” aren’t useless men…  They watch and wait – predators of a sort – they fill a specific need that a woman is looking for. And meet just any need….a love need she really wants filled: Sex affection, Security affection, Freedom, Embrace, Money e.t.c.
Once that need begins being filled she starts ignoring the glaring red flags of his other behavior. And because his romantic repertoire is meager (at best), he begins dripping back and/or not fulfilling her other critical wants/needs…but her initial core need is being met.
Now you can sense that this relationship isn’t futuristic, but how do you take a decision??
How do you make up your mind to let him/her go and move on??
That’s where WittySally comes to play, to assist/support in whatever decision you take……
When someone treats you like you’re just one of their many options, my darlings, help them narrow their choice by simply removing yourself from that equation. Sometimes you have got to try not to care as much as it hurts. Know your value either as a male or female, and don’t go for anything less than the standard you have already set for yourself.
“Marriage isn’t a do or die affair” Happiness is the keyword, make a healthy choice, which is to be happy…

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