Challenges of Breaking Up

Written by on September 1, 2017

Believe me breaking up has its own challenges. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. Having the courage to tell your partner that your calling it quits honestly is a major challenge. Many people stay in a BAD relationship for fear of being lonely. There is also the allegiance of mutual friends .Breaking up will not be easy, even when it is necessary, but believe me darlyn divorce is a lot more terrible. Rather break up a courtship than endure a divorce.
A relationship that you are not enthusiastic about believe me is leading nowhere. You may need to break it off before it turns around to break you. If u feel the need to break off a relationship, have the courage and goodness of heart to tell your partner the plain truth (exactly what you find distasteful about the relationship) with the purpose of serving, rather than slighting him or her. Never spiritualize your action, for example by saying you heard from the Lord. My darlyn this will not do. Rather ask the Lord to give you the strength and wisdom to do what needs to be done.

One cannot make an omelet without breaking an egg. Nothing good comes easily. Getting emotional about your friendship with your partner and the way a breakup may affect him or her even though you’re sure that this is the best thing to do, could lead to staying with someone out of pity. This, my dear is a dangerous reason for getting married. Breaking up for whatever reason, will hurt but the other person will get over it eventually. It’s way better than getting divorced six months into a marriage……to be continued

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