Marriage Intruders (Episode 1)

Written by on September 9, 2017

My darlyns, I know this is a very sensitive issue because it is destroying homes. It is very important to protect our marriages from things that can actually tear the marriages apart.
Intruders can be represented in any form, how are they actually intruding and what has it cost their marriage???
I would like to state this example to buttress my point:
Joy and Ken met each other on the plane. She was a flight attendant while he was a passenger. Joy noticed someone watching her every move and then looked towards his direction and saw ken just staring at her. He beckoned her to come, which she did. They chatted a little bit and exchanged contact details. They kept in touch and started dating. After about two years of courtship they decided to get married. They were happy doing things together. Joy loves fashion, as an air hostess of course one wouldn’t expect anything less.  The twins arrived about a year later. Suddenly life was different and the hectic pace of parenthood took over their lives. Joy had to get a housemaid to assist her in doing the house chores.  Joy being a career woman would leave the maid at home with the kids and the husband. Of course my darlyns, you can imagine what happened next, Ken started having an affair with the maid. Actual fact is that this was even more than an affair because ken started treating his own wife as a maid. He told Joy to pack her things to the guest room. Of course she declined that she will never leave the room for a maid to occupy.
Agreed, maids are necessary demons. In as much as we wouldn’t want any third party in our homes, we do need them. The question is how much you get them involved in your home. Human beings are naturally forward. You give a maid a handshake they would want a hug.
My darlyns do know Joy was turned into a housemaid in her home. She had to resign from her fantastic job to face her children. Just because she gave the maid a hug, she wanted more. Eventually, she lost the grip of her home and she had to move out.
“Don’t be carried away by personal activities and overlook things that could cause you life time destruction.”
Not every handshake means a handshake
Not every smile means a smile
Not every hug means a hug
 Not every visit is just a visit
Not every friend is a friend.

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  1. Janet   On   November 3, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    If I was in the wife’s shoes, I will never allow a maid take my man. I swear, I will do everything possible to either keep him or get him back.

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