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Written by on September 29, 2017

My darlyns, it is quite important to know how been naked in the presence of your kids can affect them. Now, when i say kids I mean from age 3 and above. Its impact on their lives could  be detrimental to their psychological well-being while growing up. Some parents feel comfortable around their house naked, yes my darlyn parents, its your house but bear in mind that it’s their home as well. Parents tend to forget that once you are married and kids get involved it is no longer about me myself, and but about we, our and us. My darlyns, you have children now, please  act responsibly. My darlyns,  it is quite important to know it has negative effects on the kids. It is a mental picture they tend to feed their minds with, as it may be, it is possible they are not sexually attracted to their parent as they grow, but they become sexually attracted to other adults around them just as a result of what they have seen overtime and they feel it’s normal.
Research has made it known that a child at the age of 4 starts to develop an understanding of the body parts of their parents.While literally not known to them, if not exposed to on a regular basis. A situation where a boy gets an erection sometimes at a very tender age does not necessarily mean or indicate sexual attraction, it could  be as a result of nervous system reactions. Walking naked or sleeping naked with your kids is an abuse on his or her mental health, it may be comfortable for you but my darling, you’re cursing the destiny of the child spiritually by being naked in front of him or her.
Boundaries should be set as regards how you dress up in their presence. Sometimes when children get used to being  around their parents  naked, they begin to fantasize as they grow on how they want to see more of adult nakedness, because naturally they tend not to feel sexual attraction for their parents but for other adults, by doing this they develop a sense of pleasure, stimulating  their genitals, as a result, it leads to masturbation or sex at a very tender age, while occasionally exploring their body.
To prevent negative exposure to kids

  1. Ensure your kids knock the door anytime they want to gain access to your room.if disobeyed attach a punishment and if obeyed attach a gift.mydarlyn parents children will comply.
  2. Ensure they excuse you when dressing up all the time.
  3. Ensure at the age of 5 upward, you teach them on the various body parts and their importance.
  4. Ensure they get dressed privately let them know the significance of privacy.

My darlyn parents, making them do these will prevent the thought of what they might think is right which is actually not right.
What’s your comment on this?

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  1. Onwuka chidera   On   November 23, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    This is so true! Parents need to be cautioned as they feel they are their children and they know nothing yet.

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