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My darlyns, if there is anything that most couples can relate to after childbirth, it’s the difficulty of having sex – especially immediately after childbirth. Mothers have been known to be overwhelmed by the tiredness and sleeplessness that comes with the package of childbirth. The truth my darlyn is, it becomes a bit more technical to have sex as often as before once children start coming. I have been able to put together six ways to manage your sex life even after childbirth in order to sustain a happy marriage.
Always remember that you were couples in love before being a parent: surprisingly, after giving birth, parents tend to put all their attention and their energy on the kid why? My darlyns, I don’t think it is right. Agreed, children are a blessing, they bring this unspeakable kind of joy to the marriage. My darlyns, having kids doesn’t give a partner the right to neglect the other. My darlyns, your primary assignment in the marriage is each other. Even while trying to take care of the kids, pay attention to reconnecting with each other. It is very important!!!! My darlyns, there is nothing wrong in quickly petting your child to sleep, just so you can have sex – it is not selfish.

Drop the “I’d rather sleep” attitude:  My darlyns, research has shown that couples who have sex often tend to have more quality sleep than couples who don’t. Believe me, after all the cuddling and changing diapers with the baby staying up almost all night, it would never be easy to just tune in to sex mode. All you’re thinking of at this point is to jump at every sleeping opportunity you are offered. However, my darlyns, bear in mind that your child will only be a baby temporarily and you don’t want to lose the spark of your marriage before the baby grows.
Despite all, try looking sexy: my darlyns believe me i know how it feels after childbirth and the whole weight gaining process, you may feel that you are no longer sexy and then you try to cover yourself and you may even develop a low self esteem. Note my darlyns that when pregnant changes are inevitable. Whether you add excessive weight as a result of childbirth, Let it be known that you are making an effort to be sexually attractive to your husband despite all odds. And to my darlyn men, never make your woman feel less of a woman or less attractive because she gave birth to YOUR children. My darlyn husbands go out there and get your woman  nice stuffs you would want to see on your women. Then take her to the bedroom, and  appreciate her effort to still look sexy for you. My darlyn husbands it is not an easy joke been a woman wife and a mother. Appreciate what you have.
Communication: My darlyns this is the backbone of every relationship which cannot be over flogged. Even with sex, the place of communication is still firm. Your spouse is meant to be your other half, right? So why shouldnt you talking about sex? If you think it is awkward, then be awkward together. my darlyns Talk about your sexual needs and  please, put them into practice.
Spice up your marriage: My darlyns If your baby is old enough to stay with grandma or the baby is old enough to go to school, then while the baby is away, take a break(disappear) from work if you need to have sex. You might not necessarily start with the sex, my darlyns take yourself out to see a movie or watch the movie at home before the sex matter – and if grandma is at home, then go to a hotel. After all, there is no rule that says that sex must only be at night with the missionary style, my darlyns be innovative in your bedroom always try and explore new styles.

Learn to be understanding and realistic: My darlyn husbands if at  some point you feel  deprived  of sex from your wife understand that she is probably in pain or she has emotionally and psychological drained. So please be there for her, be patient, appreciate her and encourage her to come around.

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