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Over time, there have been several myths as to sex and pregnancy. Some people have said that sex during pregnancy can lead to a situation where the penis would hit the head of the baby. But this is why it is myth because it is absolutely wrong. Even during the third trimester when the head of the baby moves toward the pelvic region, no penetration can be deep enough to hit the baby and cause the baby physical or psychological harm.
However, sex during pregnancy is real and far from being a myth. The problem tends to be that during pregnancy, certain number of questions goes through the pregnant woman’s mind and sometimes, sex appears to be the least on the list – especially during the first trimester when they tend to be overwhelmed with nausea and fatigue. But with the plenty of hormones produced during pregnancy, it becomes not surprising that they have a roller-coaster of emotions. Moreover, while during the first trimester, it is believed that pregnant women do not crave sex, the second trimester tends to come with a lot of cravings for sex… even at this point, people shy away from sex because they only know about the myths and not the benefits of sex during pregnancy.
Contrary to the many opinions that sex during pregnancy is a myth, sex during pregnancy is real and it is quite awesome. If the major reason why you have sex is for satisfaction and orgasms, then it is promised during pregnancy. Actually, sex during pregnancy is longer and more intense. There is increased estrogen in the body during pregnancy which leads to more flow of blood even towards the pelvic area which in turn makes the pregnant woman very aroused. In addition, orgasm during pregnancy serves as a form of exercise for the muscle of pelvic area which makes labor easier.
My darlyns, aside from the awesomeness of sex during pregnancy, it is also quite healthy because the endorphins produced during sex while pregnant  helps the woman to stay happier and stress free which also makes her sleep peacefully. My darlyns, the bond between the mother and the foetus increases so as the bond between partners. so pls my darlyn wives, as annoying as it could be try and have sex with your wife. My darlyn husbands, as unattractive as your wife may look, she is still your wife so please have sex with her as much as she needs it. And while during the second trimester, pregnant women tend to experience an increase in blood pressure, sex helps to keep this at bay – it is not a myth. The sperm a man produces has a type of protein known as HLA-G and this protein has the ability to lower the blood pressure during sex with a pregnant woman – it is scientific.
So while we have discussed that sex during pregnancy is not a myth and that it is healthy, it is important to know that safe sex should be practiced. This is not because the penis would hit the baby’s head but rather because over stimulation of the nipples during sex produces a type of hormone that can lead to preterm labor. The safe sex is making sure not to put too much pressure on the stomach and breast.

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