Someone’s Disappointment…

Written by on November 23, 2017

We’ve all heard the old saying that “what will be, would eventually be” and what goes around definitely comes around. The truth is that even this applies to marriage; after all, marriage is part of life.
Bose was on the verge of getting married. She and her fiancé decided to spend a weekend at a luxurious hotel. It was all romance and bliss coupled with a lot of mushy situations and statements. The excitement of being around her love, Seyi, was overwhelming but in a good way. And she secretly thanked God for the kind of man God blessed her with because even when they go to the swimming pool and he sees other sexy ladies with their bikinis, as a Nigerian guy, she would expect him to get distracted but he doesn’t. It is not that she doesn’t feel beautiful because at 5’8 with tiny waist and large hips, she took pride in herself and walked with the same elegance. But we all know that men easily get swayed by what they see but she was sure that attribute wasn’t in relation or accordance to her man.
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Seyi had the vacation planned already and his aim was that on the second day, he would visit an old friend that lived nearby. That was not a problem as he already spoke with his future bride and they agreed. Almost stepping out of the room, he realized that he hadn’t seen his wristwatch in a while. He is an accessory type of person but because he did not have a reason to go out, he didn’t pay attention to the fact that his wristwatch was nowhere in sight. He searched the whole room, sweating and cursing at the same time
“It must have been those cleaners! They just ruined the reputation of this hotel! Are you trying to tell me that my Rolex that I got from my last trip to Dubai would just disappear like that? Unbelievable!”
Bose who was still much calmer than Seyi and so she advised him to calm down.
“Baby, shouting will not call the wristwatch out. All you have to do is calm down and we’ll figure out something. Actually we can start by calling the management and laying down our complaints.”
Like that was the total answer to all the questions he has been asking, it felt like a bucket of ice was poured on his burning body. And for a moment, he remembered why he loves his babe. She would always think straight and find solutions to issues, he thought to himself.
“We will do just that” he replied. “But then, I have to quickly get going. When I’m back, we would get to the root of this matter”
By the time he returned, he was not as bothered but his girlfriend practically handled everything like the proposal was passed and they just needed him for authorization. Immediately he entered and his girlfriend saw him and chanted the usual pleasantries, she just said,
“ehnehn, we’ve been waiting for you. I already called the manager and the girl that handled the room today was brought here. But you can imagine, she denied everything. After everything, the manager just offered one insincere apology”
Somehow the anger surge in her body transferred to his and out of anger decided that they leave the hotel and go to the other one his friend told him about. But with the whole anger, he ordered that he speaks to the manager so he could give the manger a piece of his mind. And from the bottom of his heart, he told the manager that they better fire the cleaner if not, they would lose more customers. The manager took this to heart and the ambition in his heart didn’t give him the chance to think twice and so he fired the housekeeper.

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When they got to the other hotel, it was much better than the previous one and they couldn’t stop gushing about it. While they were unpacking, Seyi felt something in his pocket and when he found his wristwatch, he just wanted the floor to swallow him. And somehow his conscience kept replaying the scene with the manager and how the manager kept asking him to be sure and search his room and clothes properly. He felt totally stupid and embarrassed. How could he have missed that? What exactly was he thinking? In short why couldn’t his girlfriend have properly searched his clothes when he left the room? She was so sure and he was sure too. He considered forgetting about the whole issue and move on but his church mind and his mother’s voice warned him that he might have just ended somebody’s career. He told his girlfriend and they concluded that with all the ranting, they would just swallow their embarrassment and apologize to the management.
He walked in with his heart in his mouth but he covered it all with the strong boy bravado. He asked to see the manger and the expression on the manager’s face when he saw him was like “you this young trouble maker, what do you want now?” uncomfortably, he ignored the silent talk and he started his apologies
“erm, you see, I shouldn’t have shouted the way I did. You know, whenever I decide to keep quiet, the price of the wristwatch keeps ringing in my head. And you know-“
“Please go straight to the point, there are people waiting for me” the manager interrupted.
Seyi wouldn’t have taken that insult on a normal day but because he knew he was at fault, he just decided to end the torture.
“I found the watch in my pocket. It was ve-“
“Very careless and irresponsible of you” the manager interrupted again. “I mean, I’m totally sorry but you don’t know the chaos that has happened in this hotel because of you. You could have even waited but you didn’t and now, somebody’s job is gone because of you”
He just stared at the ground like he was being scolded by his mother.
“Now that you know I’m wrong, can you just employ her back?” he asked.
“Of course, it was all a stupid mistake, I would send her a message but you could call to apologize if you want to” and as he was walking away, he kept shaking his head and saying “children of these days sha”
He asked the receptionist for the lady’s number and found out her name is Shade. He wanted to go back to his hotel room to dial her number but he just decided against it and dialed her number right there. She picked the phone and it took him a few seconds to boot. And after the first sentence, he wondered how a cleaner or house keeper would speak so fluently. He apologized and she kept repeating that no problem, curiosity dominated him and he asked her for a meeting. Shade, curious at the other end wondered what the man that had just embarrassed her publicly would be up to. But she agreed anyways. She told him she planned to attend the evening service and if he could wait till after the service, they could meet and hook up.
That boyish excitement filled Seyi. He couldn’t explain what was going on with him. He hasn’t had time or even thought about asking another lady out in over five years since he started dating his fiancée. A tiny voice in his head warned him that he is treading a dangerous path but the better part of him disagreed and he ignored the voice in his head. He pleaded that they meet at the eatery close to her church and like a little boy that just got a Christmas gift, he couldn’t wait. He called his fiancée and told her that he would be late. Shattered Bose agreed as the price she had to pay for not finding the wristwatch and for her guilt.

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Seyi went to the eatery over thirty minutes earlier and waited for her. Immediately she stepped in wearing a knee length skirt and a flowery patterned top with slippers, he felt quite relived that he must not really have to fight temptation. She looked really simple and knowing he was into women with the whole curve, her type of shape just wasn’t up to standard. But he just sat down with her anyways and decided to begin a conversation with her before he left. The small conversation ended over two hours and he was absolutely surprised. How did time fly so fast? Every moment with her was like well spent. He said a lot of things he hadn’t said before; he opened up so easily and even he was surprised. To his mind, he just felt, “forget the whole curves and dress sense, this is what I want”
As a rich guy, he offered to pay her tuition for the one year she has left in university and at that moment, he knew he was in trouble when he made up his mind not to tell his fiancée. Actually, at that point, even he could sense trouble with his engagement. But he played cool. He decided to just place Shade in the best friend category. However, it didn’t work. Because even Bose noticed the changes and anger and everything and was prepared for the break but when the break didn’t come up, she continued with the planning of her wedding just until two days before the wedding when he called her. It was a normal day and nothing special was happening aside the regular party celebration. So when he said,
“Baby, we need to talk” through the phone, the smile on her face instantly disappeared and while her head was screaming emergency, her heart that was drowned in love already couldn’t believe because she felt her love, Seyi would never actually play her that way. Not two days before her wedding. After the whole calculation, she asked him if he wanted to talk over the phone or if he needed to see her and he said a phone conversation would do. And the next thing she heard herself say was, “okay” she couldn’t believe it and she didn’t even have the strength to argue either. But for the rest of the year, she kept hearing his voice,
“Baby, it’s not your fault, it is not about you. Actually, it is me. And even if I love you, my heart is happy with someone else”
While she had given up in her head, her heart just couldn’t let go and even her family found it quite hard to believe. They called his family and asked that they meet to discuss but the family said they have been trying and frankly, there is nothing they could do about it.

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Several years later, she thought she had gotten over the heart break of Seyi leaving her and she thought she was still mourning her late husband who died just two years after the wedding from an accident. She made up her mind that the universe was against her getting married and so she would just stick to the one child she has. But the day she saw her ex boyfriend at a filling station, she couldn’t believe what went through her mind. It felt like at the sight of him, her heart mended but when she remembered all she went through because of him, the mending of the heart shattered again. She couldn’t understand the expression on his face either, it was like a mixture of regret and love but she quickly erased that thought. Perhaps, it is just in her illusion.
They had a short conversation that could mean a lot of things and when he asked for her number, she knew she couldn’t leave without telling him. Days after, their conversation increased and went deeper into the night. She wanted to play hard to get but she knew she couldn’t. She had missed him. She found out his wife was yet to give birth and even though he had been totally faithful to her, the marriage was not what he thought. When he asked them to give their relationship a trial again, she planned to scare him off with the fact that she had a child but he said he was ready to accept all of her. She knew in her heart that she would have to confess to him that she was pregnant with his baby before she broke off the engagement. That pregnancy had grown into a little girl that was loved by her late husband.
Meanwhile, even though Seyi had been swearing his life to Shade that he had never cheated, she just didn’t believe. She had a feeling she wasn’t making him happy and that he was seeing other women since she couldn’t conceive. Of course, she loved Seyi. That man had sent her to school at the verge of giving up. He had transformed her life and her families’ life. He gave her a future where she thought she couldn’t have any and now she had a career that could last her for a lifetime at age 32. So, she wanted to fight for her man. She made up her mind that nobody would take her marriage. But when she visited her parents to announce the situation, out of everything her parents said, what she took to heart was,
“My dear, not everybody will stay with us till the end, some people just come to serve different purposes in our lives. Some come to show us the way, some come to teach us lessons, some come to rescue us, some come to just fill the void and while away time but when the true and real one comes, there will never be any reason to walk away.”
She knew at that moment that Seyi wasn’t there to stay in her life and she made up her mind to let him walk away.
Seyi and Bose decided to take it slow and agree that no announcement for the wedding.

Love was misplaced and redefined the wrong way but perhaps, love isn’t the only thing needed but it wins eventually.

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  1. Bosede Olabodu   On   November 27, 2017 at 11:58 am

    What a nasty thing to do, how.can you leave your fiancee to get married to someone you barely know without having a solid reasons for that.That’s insane.

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