Make Your Home Your Kingdom

Written by on December 7, 2017

The home is more than just the building with dining tables and chairs, the home is deeper than that, the home is family – the home is your relationship with your spouse and how much your kids are proud of you. So when I say you should make your home your kingdom, I don’t mean you should buy thrones and set it in the parlor where the husbands and wives would seat. My darlyns when I say make your home your kingdom, it is abstract. It simply means treat your partner with royalty. i.e with all respect, honor, regard and affection.  My darlyn you don’t need to be born into royalty for you to behave that way. Your father does not have to be a king before you decide to be one. Being a king is a personal decision, choosing who you want to be; checking the characteristics of royalty and making attempts to emulate these characteristics? Obviously, there are specific and certain ways kings dress themselves, they have their standards and more often than not, it is higher than the usual standard.
My darlyn as a woman and a wife, if you decide to make your home your husband’s kingdom, it is inevitably coming back to you. If your husband is a king, you become a queen. If you decide to be a queen, you need to set your standards and raise your husband up to the standard of a man who is married to a queen. Also, as a man and a husband, if you decide to make your home your kingdom and your wife’s kingdom, you automatically act like a king. My darlyn husbands dress like a king and treat your wife like a queen. As a king, it becomes normal that you wouldn’t hit your wife, it becomes normal that you would treat her with all respect and honor her wishes. And as a queen, royalty would not allow you become abusive and disrespectful towards your spouse.
Meanwhile, bearing in mind that the home includes the children, they should   have access to all these treatments too. It is not right to treat the children like they don’t matter. It is better to learn to understand their feelings thereby making major aims towards the happiness and the fulfillment of the children’s future. When the home is royalty, the children get the best, the husband and wife give and expect the best in return. The children would grow up understanding what is good and wanting what is good. In the process, they treat their children that way and believe it but the world is becoming a better place because of your decision.
My darlyn wives please treat your husbands with royalty make the home his kingdom. When he gets back from the day’s activities welcome him with open arms. Give him peace.
You don’t need to be born into royalty to behave like royalty.

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