Necessary Evil

Written by on March 27, 2018

                             My darlyns, this article would have been strictly about how men cheat on their wives with their housemaids (necessary evil). However, I have heard of wives who cheat on their husbands with the house chef. Now, when I call housemaids necessary evils, what I simply mean is that it gets to a stage or a point in your marriage where it becomes totally difficult for you to handle cooking, sex, taking care of kids, domestic house chores like sweeping and having a defining career. In cases like this, the housemaid comes in and usually, there is a limit to what the maid does. And believe it or not but the reasons why women or men allow maids of any sex is because they trust their partners enough not to stoop low to the level of the maid. Apparently, this doesn’t stop some people as we definitely know about a lot of married people who cheat on their spouses with their maids – it is not streamlined.
The usual reason or anthem that spouses sing is that their partners are not always available and so they move to the next available person even if it means the maid. I am of the opinion that there is totally nothing wrong with having a maid, it just depends on the boundaries or limits you have set for the maid. You should never allow the maid take charge of your home. I have seen cases where the children recognize the maids more than the biological mother. And in this case, this is not only dangerous to the spouse but also to the kids… like cases where the maid starts molesting the kids. In my house, my maid never cooks. No matter how busy I can get with the kids and job and “wifey” duties, I make sure to cook for my family. So basically, she only takes care of the house and that is the limit I have set for my maid.
Another mistake families often make in using a maid is that they give too much freedom to their maids. For instance, giving the maid the freedom to dress anyhow they want to; why should your maid get to wear whatever they want to at anytime they want to – get your maid a uniform, an oversized one if possible; it doesn’t mean you are insecure, it just means you are being careful. You cannot have a maid wearing miniskirts and crop tops around the house… that’s too much freedom.
My darlyns, regardless of whatever happens, make sure you have time for your family. Never give any maid any opportunity to take charge of your house. In short, if possible, get a maid that would not have to sleep over, they could resume in the morning and leave at night. Pay attention to your home and do not let a maid intrude your home or privacy. My darlyns, nobody is saying you should slave yourself in your house – your kingdom, the whole point is that you should take charge of your home.
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