Birthing a Reflection

Written by on May 29, 2018

Most women look forward to the birthing process; starting from how they will rub their baby bump to how they intend to dress and to how they will take care of their babies and make them totally happy. More often than not my darlyns, before the baby is born, some parents already have a future, a plan and a career mapped out for the baby and so all the baby has to do is to exist as they have already imagined the beautiful attitude the child would have.
However, the funniest thing is how parents are quick to forget that these children tend to conform to the first image they see which is their parents. Parents always want their kids to be of the best behavior but they forget that parenting is like a reflection whereby as difficult as it might be to believe, when you think about it, you will see yourself in your child – perhaps, a heightened or even a decreased version. Sometimes it is even subconscious. These children learn and think the way they do without even trying.
Some behaviors reflected in children drive them and it might turn out to look positive on the outside while deadly on the inside. Imagine when I asked a seventeen year old boy for why he works so hard with fear in his heart at his age and he said he just wants to be successful. On a shallow level, that’s a perfect reason and motivation but when I decided to probe further with my questions, he opens up that he doesn’t want to be like his father. This is young boy who has seen his mother bully his father, a boy who has resolved that no matter what happens, a woman must not be his head. This motivation is built in fear and desperation and it will crash and wreck him my darlyns.
So my darlyns, in order birth that dream child, it begins with and from you as the parent. If you scowl in to the mirror, you will not get a smiling face back. You are a role model to your children and apples do not fall far from the tree. For the mothers, it can be quite uneasy because of the plenty hormones released and excreted during pregnancy. But regardless, it is essential to subject yourself to being a worthy role model. Always remember that negative thoughts are destructive and sometimes, even when happiness seems impossible, it is always good to stand your ground for happiness. You cannot dwell in the anger of what a child did to you, if not; you would only make matters worse for even the whole family.
However, my darlyns, it is always good to know that you as the parents are not the only ones capable of influencing your children. They will go out and socialize and they will meet new people. What makes a difference is how you are able to appear to them as the perfect person for them so they can choose to emulate you over every other person. Even in this, you still have to work on yourself so that your children will be beautiful like you want them to be.

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