When a Man Loves

Written by on May 30, 2018

My darlyns, so many times, women have compromised when it comes to relationships. They give excuses for the man that perhaps he doesn’t know how to express emotions. However, if a man loves you, you will not need to make excuses on his behalf because his gestures and attitude backed up by his words would say it all.
My darlyns, if a man loves you, he will not only tell you he does, he will show it because after all, words without actions are empty. So if a man loves you in a relationship, you won’t have to ask him if he loves you. He’ll tell you enough times. He’ll show it by spending time with you, taking care of you, calling and paying attention to you. A man in love would take out time to communicate with you. He will listen to you when you talk because your opinion matters to him and because he really wants to know you.
In addition, a man in love with you will treat you as if you are his priority and he will never make you feel as if you are not enough for him. And because you are enough for him, rather than changing you or altering your personality, he will be a part of your success story by shaping your future and your career. A man who loves you will not only be seeking a short term fling but will look for a way to build and establish a future with you. My darlyns, this man that loves you will push you towards getting a career and making a name for yourself.
My darlyns, the whole point is that when a man is truly in love with you, you’ll never have to doubt his feelings. He’ll never make you feel less important than you really are or treat you as second place. A man that is in love with you will not give room for jealousy or doubt. With such man, he gives his all and expects the same in return because he will always be there for you and even your happiness would make him happy.
Because of all these, a man in love will never hurt you or find justification for hurting you. This man will make apparent conscious efforts to show you that he loves you.


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