The Toxic Taste

Written by on August 20, 2018


My darlyns, most times I hear women complaining about how their husbands usually maltreat and beat them when they do anything the man doesn’t like. This always amuses and surprises me because 85% of the women who are into abusive marriages saw the signs while they were still in the dating process with the man, the remaining 15% who are in abusive marriages didn’t properly go through the courting process before taking the vow at the altar. I advise young ladies who are still outside the institution of marriage to know what they really want before kicking off on that journey because once you in, there’s no way out.

A young girl called me recently complaining about her supposed boyfriend that beats her whenever he gets angry at her. The last incident that happened which made her call to come see me was that her boyfriend went through her phone like he normally does and saw that she saved the phone number of his friend that he used to communicate with her three weeks ago. Her boyfriend got angry and deleted his friend’s number and accused her of wanting to flirt with him, he went on to beat her mercilessly simultaneously insulting her entirely family and generation; the beating resulted to massive injuries on her body. What’s worse? It didn’t just end there. He went on to smash the Iphone 6 he got her and told her to bring out all the dresses he got her. After the awful drama, he left. After crying and hurting, the young girl called and told him it was over between them. The following day, he came with an Iphone8, new set of clothes and provisions begging and crying profusely for the young girl to accept him back.

She said “Wittysally what am I to do? I love him but he keeps decorating my body with injuries, accusing me of things I didn’t do, still comes back to beg after every fight, do you think he will ever stop?”.

My darlyns, for a man who maltreats or beats his girlfriend, is it when you are now his full property as a wife that he won’t comfortably do it? Most women marry such men because they are into the material pleasure they get after each fight and most times they are frightened to share their opinions with their partners because they are scared of their reactions. Say no to Toxic relationships!! If you think you can mend a toxic relationship, are you willing and ready to endure the troubles, anxieties, breakdown, stress and most times the long-lasting injuries that follows? It is important you ask yourself this question “why can’t he/she stop hurting me if the love is real”. People who are toxic in their relationship aren’t always aware of their malicious nature. They don’t care about others need, they are too self-centered in their growth and plans. They don’t appreciate your good deeds in the relationship until the moment you are saturated and have decided to walk away, that is when he/she remembers how good you are and ready to make things rights to love you.

Please, my beautiful singles out there; be wise enough to walk away before the next story becomes so tragic that saying “sorry” would be an insult.

***A mere display of violence today can escalate to domestic violence tomorrow. If you are a victim of domestic violence in your marriage, do not be afraid to accept help. The injuries inflicted by domestic violence (both emotional and physical, takes a lifetime to heal). You can seek professional help today and book a consultation with a renowned Marriage and Relationship Expert, Wittysally on the home page.

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