Trust: The Major Key

Written by on August 27, 2018

My darlyns, the edifice of alliance in a relationship is TRUST.

Now, how do we manage people’s actions towards trust? Trust is an action that comes with so many challenges and it’s quite disheartening that this generation we live in, some fail to see the importance (of trusting) to the end.

The action of trusting involves one party (trustor) who is willing to rely on the actions of another party the trustee, and it’s our duty as the trustee not to misuse that trust given to us by a friend, colleague, wife or husband because looking at it from a deeper angle; it is a precious jewel that should be handled with patience, care and a good attitude. It takes more than enough to build a trust between couples while it takes a second to impair a trust that has been built for years.

Still in deep thoughts …………………………………………………

Why would a man or a woman choose to imperil the trust of his partner for an action that adds no value to him/her? I’m sure this question has been there decades before now and there hasn’t been any justified answer to that effect.

Once trust is lost, the foundation of a relationship disintegrates so it’s best we value our relationship to keep the bond strong and fight whatever challenges that comes with the trust ensured on us by our partners.

Nothing good comes easy and if you think the marriages that are in the “BREAD AND BUTTER STAGE” today didn’t go through the “PALM KERNEL STAGE” then you are in for a lot of surprises. It takes a lot of Discipline, Self-suffering, Love and TRUST to have a successful marriage. Maintaining the trust given to us by our spouses/partners is not an easy task but it is an essential ingredient in building a happy home.

Looking at life as it really is, we humans can’t do without trusting, we need it. No matter how shallow it is; you can imagine how we ensure our health to a doctor or pharmacist, who we know little or nothing about, we take the medications.

It gives us the sense of ownership and belongingness. With it, we have a reason to ease off tension knowing that someone won’t give up. Every success, plans, activities, innovation and projects were carried out by trusting an involved party.

In this world of many happenings, trust is what keeps the relationship/marriage on a smooth sail, without it there won’t be a reason to love.

No matter the series of betrayals or hurt experienced in life that seems to cause the wickedness of the universe slamming on our faces and pushes us to want to savor our lifetime on solitude, we should never stop trusting because we will still have that burning desire in us to at least be with someone; if only we tell ourselves the truth. A popular proverb says “no man is an island”.

So please my darlyns, let’s try not to abuse the trust given us by our lover, friend, family or any being, if not for anything for personal reputation.

How do you make up for mistakes made in your relationship or marriage, to strengthen the trust? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below and if you need more enlightenment on how to rebuild the trust in your marriage, then book a CONSULTATION SESSION today with WittySally.

  1. James kokoh   On   October 31, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    I messed with my darlyn by telling her a lie vehemently, she investigated and found out the truth which i later admitted. Its been two months plus and she wont even wanna hear me anymore, she even broke off with me, how can I get her back cos really i got panicked in the moment which led to my lie. Advice please.

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