Creating Memories

Written by on August 31, 2018

My darlyns, the importance of memories in marriages cannot be overemphasized neither can the influence of memories on marriages be underrated. Psychologically, memories always have major effects on the minds of humans; it reminds us of the good and bad old times of life. The way you live or lived your life together as a young couple will affect your marriage in the long run. This is the time to create unforgettable and intoxicating escapades with your spouse; to give you both something to reminisce on when the children leave the home. One of the powerful ways to strengthen your marriage is by holding on to the highlights of your life together but this only depends on how well you both will create your love story.

  1. Explore so many fun activities with your spouse; you both could register at the gym, visit the zoo, play video games,
  2. Go to new cities; be adventurous with your spouse now that you are young and healthy, you might not have this opportunity again at old age.
  3. Enjoy and spice up your sex life.
  4. Attend occasions together.
  5. Be spontaneous on regular basis.
  6. Be the number one reason for your partner’s happiness everyday.
  7. Have your special songs and colloquies.

These are few things you can do to create strong and beautiful memories that last for a lifetime.

My darlyns, live every of your moments on the intention of making the good moments supersede the bad days. Life can’t be determined, so when things get tough in your marriage, the good memories are what fuel the journey to building a good home. The good old times created always serve as a sofa to lean on when difficulties come up and always give hope for a better season. The foundation you lay now in your home also gets to affect the children, when you have a beautiful and exciting beginning with your spouse; it affects the aura of the home positively. Create your alluring memories now and build your dreams together.

Do you always reminisce about the good-fun times you had with your spouse? How do you feel when do that?  Please share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment, thanks.