5 Subtle Hints Your Lady Is Unhappy In Your Relationship

Written by on December 5, 2018

The harsh truth is most people love the feeling of having to say they are in a relationship when they don’t really have ideas on how to deal with some issues that are almost certain to arise at some point or the other. Now while some might subscribe to the school of thought that you can learn on the job, don’t you think you’d be better off if you had a blueprint on some things to expect and how to handle them? I think you would.
It’s not new knowledge that women are special and as a guy in a relationship, it is very important you understand the different languages and traffic lights that your woman might be blinking your way so you don’t try to accelerate when the light says red!
My darlyns, it is stated somewhere that the weather has nothing on women when it comes to switching moods, and it’s even trickier with them because you might have no clue what the next mood swing would be about! Seems like an impossible mission dossier right? Not to worry. I have tried to pinpoint a couple of hints that show your woman has something eating her up inside. Taking conscious note of these signs might just help you nip the brewing issue in the bud.
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1. You Keep Getting Large Doses of Radio Silence

Women are different and have different reactions to many issues. However, one common method used by majority of them to show they are unhappy about something at first is to totally ignore you. Whether you’re trying to start a conversation that doesn’t involve the issue they are angry about or you ask about something they shouldn’t even be silent about.
When this happens, you shouldn’t take offense immediately, rather try to scan your memory to see if there is any unaddressed issue. Why? Because she is definitely upset about something and you are probably involved.

2. She Begins To Pick Totally Unnecessary Fights

Ever gotten snapped at just because you said thank you after a meal? It probably left you totally bemused. Another sign your woman is angry is when she begins to get angry at things she shouldn’t be angry about. Truth is that even she knows she isn’t supposed to snap at the little issue, but she can’t help it.
This is because there is something else she is trying to draw your attention to but then she wants you to notice. When this is happens, it is advisable to let her calm down a bit and then try to discuss the issue gently.

You wanna know some more interesting reasons? Keep reading, number 5 will interest you…

3. She Cringes When You Touch Her 

One very interesting thing about women is that when they are worked up about something in their mind, automatically their whole being becomes jittery. Apart from the fact that she might begin to keep things out-of-place, she unconsciously becomes allergic to your touch. An action that i deliberate, but she can’t obviously help it due to something on her mind. You could gently try to find out what is getting her worked up if you notice such behavior.

4. She’s A Bag Of One-word Replies

Ever tried having a conversation or chat with someone who gives one-word replies? Must have been really frustrating to keep up with. A lady can be an unending tap of one-word replies if she’s unhappy about something. Some popular statements like “I don’t know” and “Ok” are part of some sadistic comments that will keep hitting you if you choose to ignore the attitude she’s putting up to show she’s unhappy.

5. She’s Dead Staring At You While Speaking or She Doesn’t Want To Look At You At All!

We’ve stated that women have very interesting ways of showing that their pissed off. Unfortunately for the male folk, there is no dedicated reaction to take note of; while some women won’t bear to look at you when they are angry with you, some others would stare you in the pupils like you killed their ancestors!
Most times at this point, the best way to deal with the situation is to mildly answer their questions or find a way to calm them down.
I know what you’re thinking.. Why are women so difficult to understand?!! But the truth is, as much as they can be stressful when they are unhappy, women are awesome at being loving and caring when they are treated right. The most important thing is to know and detect the signs when they arise.

Does your lady react differently when she’s upset? Feel free to let us know in the comment section!

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