7 Simple Ways to Spice up Your Marriage

Written by on February 8, 2019

Marriage is indeed a beautiful thing and can result to a lifetime of lovely memories when both individuals put in effort to make it blissful. Yet we can’t ignore the fact that the 21st century is overrun with stories of crashed marriages and divorced cases. And although there are different reasons for these scandals, we still believe that there are some little guidelines that are very essential and can go a long way in making your relationship beautiful.
My darlyns, your attitude towards your marriage dictates how you enjoy the lifetime commitment. There is no perfect marriage but there can be a beautiful marriage, and this depends on how and what you both do to keep your marriage beautiful, lovely and worth-while; even with the littlest of things that look like they don’t matter.

1. Remind Your Partner (And Yourself) That You Appreciate Them

Learn to appreciate all your partner does for you i.e applaud him/her; it makes your significant half feel happy and loved, and also broadens the way for more kind gestures. It could be that they assisted with the school fees, house rent or even helped clean the house. Avoid any scenario that would make you want to highlight their faults and the use of vulgar words.
Surprising your partner with gift packs, flowers and exciting messages not just on their birthdays or special days but any other day also goes a long way in showing heart-felt emotions. It makes the love get stronger. Also, before you learn to appreciate another you need to first know how to appreciate yourself, you can only give what you have.
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2. Say Thank You For The Little Things

Always be thankful for the little things. It could be trashing the garbage, picking the kids from school or helping out with the dishes; whatever it is, be thankful. The time your partner has invested in doing all these things could have been used for something else. Nevertheless, even though it isn’t a favor, those two words do more to the heart than can be described.

3. Practice Honesty

Practicing honesty in marriage gives you a reason to avoid anything that would make you prone to lies, thereby strengthening the love. Honesty can only be effective when you both are committed to it.

4. Take Care Of Your Appearance

Spicing up marriage also deals with the physical; what the eyes can see. The article on FEED HIS MIND gives more details on the pros and cons of how to appeal to your partner with your mode of dressing; a nice and sensual dressing intensifies the rate of attraction in marriage.
When your partner gets attracted to you all the time, you both would see your marriage as a bed of roses because you naturally see yourself getting drawn to each other; this also reduces the chances of extramarital affairs.

5. Good Communication

Communication makes partners understand themselves better. It gives an insight of how your partner feels, what your partner desires and how to go about them. Learn to express your feelings becausse it lightens the burden and makes it all fun. Say I love you when you feel it.
When you feel things aren’t moving smoothly between the both of you, talk about it. When there is a lot of stress at work, communicate with your partner. Communication brings about understanding.

6. Maintain Intimacy And Passion Inside And Outside The Bedroom

Learn to play with your spouse not just in the bedroom but also outside the home. You both could play video games and even go to the movies at night! Always try to talk about how much you love them and how blessed you are to have them in your life. Love life shouldn’t just end in the bedroom; be spontaneous and flaunt your spouse outside. It shows you are proud to have them and this fuels the passion in your marriage.
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7. Spice Up Your Marriage With Money And Youthfulness

Money gives you access to all the beauty things of life to spice your marriage. Develop the habit of lavishing your partner with gifts; love isn’t just by mere words. Love is justified by actions, and money makes it all come together beautifully. When there is money you can take of your health and look youthful for your spouse. This however, doesn’t mean you need to go outside your budget to spice up your relationship. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you feel about each other in your hearts.
At the end of the day, always remember: “It only works when you both try”.
Feel free to tell me more ways couples can spice up their marriage in the comment section, You might just be helping someone out!!

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  1. Understand546   On   February 8, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    You provided excellent tips!
    “You both could play video games and even go to the movies at night” – I love this advice
    Marriage requires a lot of effort to make it work and communication is key and the two things I believe why marriages don’t make it is because of sex and money. People tend to have secrets when it comes to money and sex. Money and Sex will bring out a persons true colors from closed doors to the public.
    Before you get married, I believe that money and sex must be talked about and even after you get married communication on these two topic is a must .
    Good post!

  2. Kenzy Turner   On   October 16, 2019 at 10:52 am

    6. Maintain Intimacy And Passion Inside And Outside The Bedroom
    This is absolutely spot on. I will bet no girl denies this fact.
    Such a cool collection of tips. Thanks!

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