I Broke Up With Her Because I Can’t Afford The Life Of Marriage.

Written by on January 20, 2020

Hello Ma, I truly love my Ex Anita and she loves me so much too, to the extent that she wants to have a child for me in school out of wedlock. We are just in year one at the polytechnic our love got deep that she will cry every time just because she wants to cheat with another guy, our love made it difficult for her.
In the second year in school, I lost my father who is my backbone. This turn out to be a terrible part of my life because no one is ready to sponsor my education, so after my ND she wanted us to marry but I can’t afford the life of a married couple at that time. I told her to wait till we further and become a graduate but she said NO, we then broke up for this reason and I start hustling to further my education. She got HND admission before me and met another guy, got pregnant before the end of HND 2 then married the guy. We later heard the guy traveled out of Nigeria leaving my Ex with two kids then she started complaining to me that her husband abandoned her in Nigeria after few years, trying to reach out to me but I didn’t yield.
I know the kind of life I desire for whoever am going to marry someday, don’t want to marry knowing I can’t provide for my family that is why I broke up with her initially. Please advise me MA, I still love her but I don’t want to take a wrong step.

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