My Husband Is Dating My Blood Sister And Neighbor’s Sister.

Written by on January 20, 2020

Good morning WittySally, God bless you immensely for marriages you have helped am a member of your group and I see how people’s marital issues are been handled on the group. Ma I have something that is eating me up am tired and fed up with my marriage, sometimes I feel like taking my life.
I have a son and in my marriage, my husband has had three children and brought them home I kept silent, he slaps at will. He goes after my neighbor’s sister, stylist down the street of my house. I was a banker before I married he made me stop my job to take care of home I agreed and this is what I get.
Ma, the worst of all has happened I observed that he is having something to do with my kid sister who is a student of uniport. She stays with me whenever she’s back from school I went through her phone the other ma I saw that my husband has been sending her money. Buys her expensive bags and wristwatch. I asked my sister and she said he hasn’t come out straight to say anything intimate but he acts funny and has come down to the school to visit. No wonder he keeps on saying he’s traveling to portharcourt for business when she knows there’s no business he does there to do. This is a summary of my horrible marriage story. Ma please am done with this marriage what should I do?

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