My Husband Refuse To Have Sex With Me Because Of Miscarriage.

Written by on January 27, 2020

Good morning MA, I am tired my faith is gradually failing and am not myself anymore please advise me.


I am married for 6 years without a child, I have had Miscarriages for 3 times. I have gone to different hospitals with my money and a little from hubby sometimes. The problem now is that my husband has decided not to have any sexual relationship with me since December until now with the reason that the ones he has been doing, he hasn’t seen any gain in it. So he is tired.
We sleep together, eat together, pray together but he doesn’t feel me any longer because of childlessness.
I have called him several times and talked to him about the consequences of what he is doing instead he will shout at me that if I am not pleased with his decision I should pack and go.
It’s not that he’s maltreating me even before I could come back from fellowship yesterday, he had made food that we ate. We can discuss other issues in the house but whenever I bring out this particular one, he will immediately change the mood.
Please what’s the strategy will I use to win him, I have prayed, talked to him and begged. He seems so serious about it.
Please how can I live in this condition with my husband? I also need your prayers.
Note: we married traditionally and wedded in the church.

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