The Right Way To Break Up

Written by on October 10, 2020

If you must break up a relationship let it be for good and godly reasons. Jealousy, revenge, and carnality should not be part of it. It is also important that you’re clear about the status of the relationship. If the courtships over, make sure that the other person understands that you are not just putting it on hold. Assumptions are some of the greatest pitfalls in relationships.  WS is here to give you some suggestions on the right way to break up.
Seek counsel: if you have doubts concerning your decision to call it quits, please seek advice from someone you trust and truly respect. This person doesn’t necessary have to be related to you but it should be someone that is very discreet. Explaining the whole situation would surely help clear your mind. The objective opinion of someone who isn’t emotionally involved to the situation often proves helpful.
Pray about it: Seek divine guidance Ask the Lord to make it clear to you if you have taken the right course of action. Request His help in carrying out your decision with kindness. Pray that the person you’re breaking off with will accept it without suffering physical or emotional problems.
End the relationship as soon as you decide to do so:  Don’t pretend to care for someone in whom you have lost interest. Once you have made that decision stick with it and don’t be conned by promises to change or pathetic apologies, compromise or do things differently.

Give a warning if possible: if your dissatisfaction has reached breaking point, you may need to drop hints about how you feel before the eventual break up. An abrupt breakup can have the same kind of impact as a sudden death of a relative.

Avoid damaging your partner’s self-esteem:  it is a major loss to the self-esteem when the person you have loved, rejects you. Avoid dragging unnecessary and negative things about the other person. Instead lay emphasis on the good times you have spent together. Talk about what value the other person has added to your life during your time together and spell your appreciation of his or her finer qualities.
Be truthful regarding your reason for breaking up: I believe you have the responsibility to tell your partner why you wish to break up. He or she will probably want to know the reason, even though it may hurt to find the long run it will prove beneficial. Its best to let your partner know the reason in all honesty and politeness be opened it would save this person more heartbreaks and breakups in the future.
A mature person would want to learn from their mistakes despite the fact that it may hurt deeply. It is better to know why than to continue wondering what was said or done to have resulted in you taking the decision.
Choose the right time and place for a breakup: don’t drop the bombshell on the way to a big event, the night before a difficult exam, or in front of others. Breaking up in private hurts badly enough, but to deliver such a jolt publicly or just before an important   event, is rather cruel and inhuman. On the other hand a woman shouldn’t break up with a man behind closed doors if she is afraid of being beaten or even raped…
Keep confidential whatever issues you two may have had, even after the breakup: if u circulate damaging information, you will be advertising your own poor judgment to go out with such an individual in the first place. This doesn’t just relate to the women alone because it’s close to a fact that women talk more but the truth is men talk a whole lot…….
Let your emotions heal before toying with the idea of seeing the other person again: when you do see each other, i.e. if you must see each other please do keep your conversations light and short. Don’t try to sound over friendly too soon to avoid giving the other person a wrong impression.