Written by on November 3, 2020


Let me rephrase, women like consistency when it is pleasant.

There is the popular local phrase that goes like this “no start wetin you no go fit finish”, and this is mostly important in how you deal with women.

You had all the spare time in the world when you were wooing that woman. You called every day, you would even ask her “have you eaten” 700 times per week.

As regular as that sounds, a woman who likes you sees that as “care” and “concern”. And one of the things she would worry about is if you can be consistent with that care and the concern.

“no start wetin you no go fit finish”, can you be consistent with what you have made her believe? Can you be consistent in showing that you care and you are concerned about her well being?

If you have no plans to be consistent, do not start!
In all honesty do not start.

A few weeks into dating, and all of a sudden you get totally busy, too busy to respond to messages, too busy to call?
You forget to ask how her day went like you usually did?
What happened?
Do you get to wonder how this might play out in her head?

This is especially important when the woman meets you halfway and follows your early lead by reciprocating the care and concern only to then find herself in the driving seat and sometimes with the man jumping out of the bus entirely.

When you take away the care and attention you have allowed a woman get used to, you drive her crazy.
You make her wonder if you have changed or she’s becoming extremely demanding of your time and attention.
You make her rightly wonder which woman you are given all she used to have.

You can chase a woman and remain the same guy she fell in love with. Yes you can.