Love for Money, Money for Love

Written by on November 26, 2020

There is a saying that ladies and money are two things that are inseparable, in the sense that ladies love money. Mostly yes, ladies will not agree to date a poor guy, rather they prefer following the rich ones even though they are younger than them. It is no doubt that ladies love money but nowadays, ladies don’t go into a relationship because of material things.

I have seen many cases where rich ladies follow poor guy, it is because they don’t need their money but love and affection. Today, I will be sharing with you three things ladies of nowadays love apart from money.

1. True love

It is actually hard for a lady to fall in love but when they are in love all they think about is the person they are in love with. Money can’t buy love, so ladies nowadays prefer a man that can shower them true love than money. I know that some people will still argue with me that all what a lady wants from a guy is money. This is not true. in most cases ladies prefer a man that will love them with their whole heart.

2. Care

Ladies love to be pampered and they will surely stick to a man that can take good care of them. When I mean taking good care of them, this is not financially but physically by showing some affection and concern. Like I said earlier, money cannot do everything so ladies need attention too.

3. Good in bed

Ladies can’t trade this for money. Many ladies will prefer a guy that can handle them well in terms of having sex than a man who can’t last long but has money. This is the major reason why you will see many women married to rich man cheating on their husbands.

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