Written by on December 2, 2020

“take your time, give yourself time”

Everyone who has been through a break up must have heard this at one point. Yes, it’s a good advice, but I’m here to tell you not to let those words be the only words that guide you.

There’s absolutely no time frame to get over any broken relationship. No time frame whatsoever needs to elapse before moving on.

It could be few weeks, months, years.

Yes, YEARS, it took me two whole years to get over one relationship one time. It has also taken me a shorter time to move on from another person, but one important point to note is, the duration does not mean I loved one more than the other.


The “take your time” time-frame elapses the day you meet someone who makes you feel good and makes you happy.

The time-frame elapses the day you meet someone whose dreams align with yours.

Who said you should wait a particular period of time before accepting something good to happen to you?

You should never dwell on the past and imprison yourself therein when you meet someone who is good to you and and shows he/she genuinely cares about you. The only thing you need your past for is to learn from it, not dwell on it.

Some of you also think the person who’s in your present will wait a life-time for whatever specific time-frame you set up to elapse.
No, they won’t. They are likely to meet another good soul and they’ll take a chance with that person.

Love is a risk, but one worth taking.
Always take an opportunity to write a good love story. If there’s a plot twist and it ends badly, pick up another piece of paper and write again.

Do not fail to take another shot at happiness because you want to conform to the idea of “taking your time”.

One day, your search will end.


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