Breaking Up

Breaking Up

Seriously my darlyns how much can we really take? How much tolerant can u be just because you need to keep a relationship, marriage to work? You know, what I think we need to do is to just OVERLOOK: that is, you are the only one that has the power to choose what you want to see, what you want to hear. Either in your marriage or a relationship, female or male.
This is why we have this topic on break up.
As you read further you will definitely make new discoveries about yourself and your intended spouse? If u have noticed fundamental differences, such as that your partner’s attitudes and way of life are irreconcilable with yours, my darlyns you may need to break off the relationship/ every day that a relationship continues, there is an unspoken statement that both parties are growing in their confidence intolerance of and affection for each other.
The best marriages are usually anchored on compatibility spiritually, mentally, intellectually, socially and emotionally. If resolving these issues reveal to you that you are aren’t really compatible with your partner breaking up may be the best thing to do. As much as it hurts be courageous and take a driver’s seat approach to life. Being over-emotional or sentimental about your relationship could rob you of the happiness that every child of God should have. It would be irresponsible and infinitely unreasonable to leave things to chance or probability.


  1. blessing 2 years ago

    Breaking up isn’t an easy thing, but really to save yourself from headaches and heartaches, breaking up is the only option.

  2. clinton 2 years ago

    breaking up is easy for me oh ! i hate stress

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