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5 Subtle Hints Your Lady Is Unhappy In Your Relationship


The harsh truth is most people love the feeling of having to say they are in a relationship when they don’t really have ideas on how to deal with some issues that are almost certain to arise at some point or the other. Now while some might subscribe to the school of thought that you

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Uniting in Differences

“it is not our differences that divide us, It is the inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences”

Balancing the Wheel

My darlyns, what makes a marriage or a relationship stronger is how both parties come together as one to fight the challenges of life and not individually.

Cutting Clear Lines

However darlyns, this is not to say that you should not have friends, this is just to say that your association should not be one that will influence you and your marriage wrongly and constantly have it at the back of your mind that they, no matter how close you are, constitute the third party.

Creating Memories

My darlyns, live every of your moments on the intention of making the good moments supersede the bad days. Life can’t be determined, so when things get tough in your marriage, the good memories are what fuel the journey to building a good home.

Trust: The Major Key

Why would a man or woman choose to imperil the trust of his partner for an action that adds no value?

The Toxic Taste

I love him but he keeps decorating my body with injuries, accusing me of things I didn’t do, still comes back to beg after every fight, do you think he will ever stop?”

Feed His Mind

“Does a woman’s dressing affect her husband’s sexual attraction towards her?” …

Abyss of Forgiveness

To make your heart an abyss filled with forgiveness means to turn your heart into an endless pit that has enough forgiveness in it to go round…

Place of Thoughts in Marriages

Couples tend to be faced with situations that allow the thoughts of divorce. However, the constant thought of divorce or anything negative for that matter is dangerous and quite unhealthy.