Five Restaurants To Have A Lovely Valentine Evening

Five Restaurants To Have A Lovely Valentine Evening

Love is in the air and everybody wants to prove just how much they can feel it. Even in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, where everyone is always on the move, valentine’s day creates an atmosphere where everyone just wants to have the perfect day with their partner.
Now after the hustle and bustle of the workday, the mood is set for an evening to kick back, relax and get lovely or – in some circles – naughty with your partner. But picking out somewhere nice and cozy might be quite stressful considering the population of the city and also taking note of how much the work day might have taken out of you.
But not to worry!
We took it upon ourselves to help you streamline the options out there and make your choice easier. For the elegant and classy who are in the mood for something exotic, rich and intercontinental, here are a few restaurants in Lagos that we believe will give you a wonderful dining experience.


R.S.V.P is a casual restaurant and bar with top-class customer service and a cosy ambience, perfect for a lovely dinner for two. The food is exquisite albeit a little expensive but that is made up for by the amazing quality of food. The cocktail bar is also great for after-dinner drinks and conversation. This bar resonates the whole idea of valentine!


If you are looking for a private place to have a quiet, romantic valentine dinner with your partner, then Metisse is the place to go. With its Thai-fusion theme, it is the place to go to have a taste of the Asian continent. It also has a wide array of European and Local cuisine if you’re not in the mood to experiment. Metisse boasts of knowledgeable and professional staff that ensure a comfortable, seamless and stress-free dinner.


valentine dinner
Izanagi is a Japanese themed restaurant with a unique and extensive menu that takes your taste buds on a journey to Japan. From the noodle dishes and shrimp dumplings to the marinated steak dishes, teppanyaki and exceptionally exquisite sushi, you will certainly have a taste of the very best of Japanese cuisine.
Albeit a bit pricey, Izanagi, with its zen environment and privacy, is a perfect location for Asian food lovers and lovers in general.


Ocean Basket is the perfect place for seafood lovers looking for a place for a romantic dinner for two. It has a lovely ambience and light music that really sets the mood, a reasonably priced menu of mouth-watering seafood cuisine and exceptional staff. If you are new to seafood cuisine, this would be a great place to have your first experience this valentine.


valentine dinner
Shiro is a pan-Asian restaurant known for fine dining and serene atmosphere. It is located close to a beach and has an outdoor scene where you and your partner can relax, have a good meal and stare at the stars.
Their menu cuts across china, japan, Thai and contemporary giving you a wide variety and exceptional quality of food to choose from. All in all, you are in for the perfect valentine evening with the finest dining at Shiro restaurant and bar.
As diverse as these restaurants are, they cannot cater to the specific desires of all of our readers. So, if none of the restaurants listed meet your taste, you could also head over to Trip advisor for a wider range of lovely restaurants and you might just find something that tickles your fancy.
At the end of the day, make sure your valentine day had all the love you deserve!!

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  1. Paul Shannon 9 months ago

    Thanks for the suggestion! Can you please write about the best restaurants to go on a date with valentine in New York City, United States?
    Thanks again!

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