Making Love To Your Husband

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My darlyns, it is quite unfortunate and pathetic when women try to be ordinary, stereotypical and conventional in their marriages. They believe that the husbands must always be the one to initiate the love making process forgetting that marriage has to do with comfort. I mean, if you cannot be comfortable enough with your husband to the point where you initiate the love making, who will you be comfortable to do it with?

Actually darlyns, making love is not limited to just sex, although sex is involved. Making love is more than that; making love involves paying attention and doting on your husband. For instance, you don’t make your husband leave the house without making him feel special and feel like a king. You should always try as much as possible to be romantic; there is a kind of intimacy that comes with asking your husband to zip and unzip your dress, there is a kind of attachment or a bond when you button up the shirt for your man. What is a marriage without romance? Nobody complains that care is too much. Perhaps, you do not have to be totally clingy but it is wrong to make your husband feel uncared for.

My darlyns, the question is, “how do you make your husband feel on his way out? What do you do to make him remember you and think about you all through the day?” do you just tell him bye and make him walk out forgetting that he has a wife at home or do you show him so much love that everything reminds him of you. Please darlyns, send your men out of the house for the day with hugs and kisses. Remind them that you are theirs and they belong to you.

Making love to your husband will make your husband look forward to coming home. How do you prepare for his arrival? The good side of any how you treat your husband is that you will definitely get it back in return. If you treat him like a king, you will be treated like a queen that you are. Prepare him a very good meal, look hot and pretty for your husband and don’t say, after all, you are full housewife. Shower him with hugs and kisses and make sure you are excited to see him. Meanwhile, please send him texts during the day. Let him feel lucky to have you.

Now, the sexual part of making love is totally needed. Be a “slut” for your husband if you have to. Don’t go around the house dressing all guarded like you are about to go to war. My darlyns invest in good underwear. When I go abroad, the first store I visit is the lingerie store. I mean, you do not have to go abroad to do that, you can always get good ones here and most importantly, don’t use a particular bra or pant for years.

Finally, plan a sexual surprise for your husband. In short, you do not have to make it a big deal but if you can, then you should. You could shower together, you could ask for a massage or give him one, and you can increase your intimacy by asking him to shave your pubic area for you. When having sex, be spontaneous and dynamic – don’t just stay there like a robot while he thrusts in and out. Moan and show him you are enjoying the sex. Encourage foreplay, have dirty talks, talk about your sex life because he is your husband and you are one.

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