My Husband Always Sex Chat With a Strange Lady on Facebook.

Good morning witty I need advice. My marriage is 15 years, my husband has been chatting with this lady on Facebook and they got so intimate that I know that both of them do have video sex but I didn’t bother. Now they have taken it to the next level. He doesn’t know that I have his phone password. The lady is coming into town by this coming Tuesday and my husband has told me that he is going to secure a contract job and he will stay for 4 days in the east. He is an engineer. I know where they agreed to meet and even the hotel he booked down for her to stay. He is leaving on Wednesday morning because the lady is coming on Tuesday evening. The hotel is in the out sketch of town we live in. Please what should I do? We have 4 kids. He’s 51 years old, I am 40 years.
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