It was believed that men cheat more than the women. However, recently, an argument came up and we had to come up with the conclusion that the only reason why we felt that women cheat less is because women are better at hiding things such as this.
Nobody is trying to justify cheating in marriages and nobody is saying women have specific rights for cheating. However, in a situation where women are not allowed to own their sexuality, that is she has a husband that is not satisfying her in bed but she cannot complain because she doesn’t want to hurt her man’s ego, she would eventually decide to “test” the gateman one day out of frustration and she begins her cheating. So dear husbands, it is not just about you. Like I always say that marriage is about “we, our and us”. So when you choose to have sex, put your woman into consideration and make sure she is also satisfied.
However, the mistake people make with cheating is limiting it to sex. In as much as there is physical cheating, there is also emotional cheating. So if you are a man and you intentionally do not pay attention to your wife, hmm my darlyn husband, don’t be surprised if she finds another shoulder to lean and cry on. Inevitably, she will begin to spend more time with the person, she will begin to keep secrets and withdraw vital information from you and eventually, it will become physical. I asked a male friend of mine what he would do if his wife cheated, he said,
“I wouldn’t know how to deal with that. I mean, it would be worse and not just because of the sex but because when they cheat, they tend to give it all. You know, the attention you enjoyed would belong to another man; their sex would be hotter because of the attention and passion coupled with the fact that women tend to be more passionate. The random gifts I get and the showering of attention and love would belong to someone else? Hmm… my woman? I cannot just deal with that.”
Immediately, I told him to better pay attention to his wife to avoid all that. Spend more time with the woman and show her that you care about her.

Also, some women tend to cheat because they find it exciting. The normal routine is having to go to work or staying at home – for the full house wives, then performing house chores and taking care of the kids. After this, she is probably exhausted or not but then her husband comes back at night and demands food then sex, no form of deep or funny communication or compliment or even affection. So they turn off the light and then no foreplay or anything, he thrusts in and out and leave her miserable it’s the same pattern every night, the same attitude every day. Now I would always say that there is no justification for cheating but in reality, a woman would want to do something to break this boring routine one day. And if she has the wrong orientation, there is every possibility that she would cheat. But then, a woman who is focused on saving her marriage would search for ways to work rather than cheat on her man.
Sadly, it is possible that there are women who have cheated and who are still cheating for no justifiable reason, not because their husbands doesn’t love them or pay attention to them, but because they just feel like it. However, before we begin to judge, we should understand that nobody would know the full story. And that is why when Mary was caught cheating, we all asked her for what else she was looking for in a man. Her husband showers her with attention, gives her all she wants and according to her, he still satisfies her in bed. So what else could she be looking for? That is a story for another day. Meanwhile, in the mean time, drop your comments and let’s see why Tolani would still want to cheat…..


  1. Ibrahim Rasheed 2 years ago

    When it comes to men cheating, the reasons and causes for such action is always being overlooked and we all pour the blame on the man. But in this post, its about women cheating and all i’m seeing is twists and turns about why men are to blame for cheating women. Even when you mentioned that some women cheat for no reason at all you still mentioned how men would be at fault. How is it a man’s fault when a woman cheats for no reason at all? I’m really confused here Witty sally.

    • Author
      wittysally 2 years ago

      My darlyn thank you for following us and been involved. I believe you have learnt a lot from our articles.

  2. funke 2 years ago

    lol, honestly, i have met men who cannot find a reasonable reason as to why they cheated… but ask a woman and she will write a book about it.

  3. pablo 2 years ago

    hmmm so you are saying women have good reasons for cheating

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