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Its ok: – Most of us are programmed culturally, religiously or otherwise with the knack and the desire to please, the desire to satisfy and meet every demand often to our own detriment.

When the desire is expressed without excitement, it becomes a disease with dangerous repercussions. Before long, it robs, limits, and stagnates our best work due to accumed schedules, tasks and deliverables. I discovered overtime that by saying NO politely, firmly without the associated guilts, I noticed a significant difference in my focus, job and relationship.

“Protect yourself from yourself by learning to say NO.”


1 thought on “Say No!!! (Episode 1)”

  1. Lola says:

    Lol… Sincerely, we need to unlearn the fact that saying no makes us narcissistic… It just means we care about ourselves… Something that should be normal.

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