Wife Flees From Jobless Husband's High Sex Drive

Wife Flees From Jobless Husband's High Sex Drive

“Six-hour daily sex from a jobless man is too much to handle,” were the words of a 26-year-old woman, Constance Muungani, who fled her matrimonial home because of her husband, Fani Mumba (31) sexual appetite.
Mumba, who thought his wife was unfair to him, took the case to a local court in their country, Zimbabwe. Muungani told the court that her husband did not take her well-being into consideration.
She said, “I have endured too much sex. He has sex with me every day for about six hours, to an extent that my private part became painful. I fear I will die having sex.”
She added, “I am employed, but my husband has no job but to keep having sex with me. I am not going back to him and I also want the custody of the children.”
However, the husband told the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying he still loves his wife.
“I love my wife. I kindly ask her to give me a chance to solve the prolonged erection. I did that in the belief that I would sexually satisfy her and I didn’t know that it would wreck my marriage,” he said.
Court Chief, Chireya, told B-Metro that he was working on mending the marriage by engaging both parties.
What are your opinions as regards this???


  1. David 2 years ago

    Any man who hits a woman is a lazy man.

  2. Sally 2 years ago

    Jobless indeed

  3. Zeal 2 years ago

    He must be an animal, at least he should be sensitive enough to understand his wife’s mood and pain, yet he inflicts her with more pain daily. If I were his wife, I would wear a female condom with fresh pepper juice rubbed inside, when he enters, he will know he entered fire…

    • Ngozi Chukwuka 2 years ago

      Hmm, that’s deep o… I don’t think i can go that far, he still remains my husband.

  4. Ngozi Chukwuka 2 years ago

    As for me, i will always put sleeping tablet in every meal i prepare for him. Ah ahn, what kind of brutal man is that?

    • adenike 2 years ago

      Anyman who raises his hand on her woman is still a baby that needs maturity. There are better ways to handle issues than being violent against your wife, the mother of your kids. Anyman who does that can equally beat his mum.

  5. Tosin 2 years ago

    Six hours? He’s obviously jobless.
    But maybe they could still make it work…

  6. Toyin 2 years ago

    What rubbish! Indeed jobless and useless. You can imagine having too much sex. He is not even productive at all.

    • KhrisYarn 2 years ago

      Don’t allow your emotions get the better side of this situation, for the fact that he’s jobless doesn’t mean he cant get a job again
      For the sex let’s not deceive ourselves we all need it but it can be communicated
      I stand my ground that no woman should starve her husband for any reason

      • Tosin 2 years ago

        I think this is totally unfair… Why should a man ask for sex 6 hours in a day??? He should be considerate… I mean she’s working!! Let’s be realistic, it’s a patriarchal society so I’m sure the woman would go to work, take care of kids and still have sex for 6 hours per day Just to feed a jobless man’s ego.

  7. mercy 2 years ago

    The man is jobless ni, kilode he wants to kill the wife ni.

  8. Author
    wittysally 2 years ago

    yes oooo

    • Mayowa 2 years ago

      Nonsene something

  9. KhrisYarn 2 years ago

    You can’t completely blame the man, cos he wasn’t jobless when they got married, so am sure he wasn’t happy with the latter era of his life, so the only way to console himself is to make out with his wife, and you know men can easily let go of Anything for sex.
    Now let’s flip the other side of the coin, we got to know this gist simply because the man is now jobless, but what about when he was working making all the money, did she complain because of excess sex…… ?
    Let’s reason together, love making died immediately money left the man, let’s be honest.
    It would have been better if there’s a mutual understanding via dialogue, fleeing ain’t appropriate for a married woman regardless of the situation.

  10. Author
    wittysally 2 years ago

    Why naaa….that’s so not fair

  11. Grace 2 years ago

    Enter your comment here… so useless a man! I mean why would He! The wife does everything to keep her home but the man is just so pathetic. she should better leave and make her life better!

  12. Lizzy 2 years ago


  13. ATOLAGBE FOLASHADE 2 years ago

    is it until he kills the woman? She should pack out abeg!

  14. Olaann 2 years ago

    I am very sure dat wen d man was working he didn’t have time for a six hour sex… So y should he use a six hour sex a day as a head clearer just because he s now JOBLESS.. I dnt get

    • Sule 2 years ago

      This is the height of it

  15. Jane Mcclure 2 years ago

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