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                                      THE 2017/2018 WITTYSALLY WRITERS CHALLENGE

(Wittysally Writers Challenge begins registration and posting of poems on the 11th of December and closes on the 31st of March 2018 for the first stage.)

Wittysally writer's challenge is organised for writers to use their creativity to address marriage and relationship questions in the society. It is structured to occur bi-annually with prizes which aim at encouraging the writing community. The whole point is that if the family is given proper orientation, then the world would actually be a better place. This is where wittysally comes in and decides to follow the truth about the saying that... “Pen Mightier than the sword”. On this ground, wittysally has decided to organize a writer's challenge, which would give the public a hyperopic perspective to reasoning in terms of marriage and relationship.

So are you a writer? Are you ready to use your pen to fight for the convictions of relationships?? And the best part is, you get to impact lives while competing, and winning great prizes for yourself.

The winners would get their works published on our blog,

A one –on - one interview with the CEO on our YouTube channel

 An interview with the CEO of  Ocha Wittysally Concept live on ‘How Una Dey’ With Khrisyarn on kiss fm 98.9  [radio station].

Also, the Golden winner gets an iPhone 6 in addition to all these

 …to view a list of other prizes for the 1st and 2nd runner up use the prize button below


  • visit
  • On the Home menu click on Register
  •  Register with the sum of ₦1000 to apply for the Writers challenge
  • A Reciept would be sent to your mail instantly after the online payment which is strictly for credit card and direct bank payment.
  • For direct bank transfer users please request for an invoice using the online chat platform on the blog at the bottom left of your screen.
  •  Write a short poem on the title 'ABUSED'  not more than 40 lines  and post on your Instagram page with the hashtag #wittysallywriterschallenge and tag @wittysally


poems with the highest likes will qualify for the next stage!!!

Likes count on our page!!!


Please note failure to abide by the following rules and regulations below will lead to automatic disqualification. 

  • -Poems should not be more than 40 lines.[ title 'ABUSED']
  • -must use our hashtags [#wittysallywriterschallenge] on instagram
  • -Must follow all media sponsors instagram account below .
  • -Must tag only @wittysally and sponsors accounts while posting your poem











on instagram

  • -Must follow host account. (@wittysally)
  • -Must tag all accounts.
  • -While making payments your Instagram handle should be filled .
  • -Please do not change the name of your Instagram handle after registration .

Final stage


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